Lisa Pratt founded MADI talent studio following an extensive leadership and recruitment career spanning the past 20 years.  As with all modern-day career paths, Lisa has transitioned through several industries however her key focus has always been on people.  Lisa defines her "purpose" as motivating & inspiring others to be the best version of themselves, which she is now translating into helping businesses recruit exceptional talent and talented individuals to elevate their career.  

Lisa commenced her career in the music industry, creating her own teaching practice whilst also freelancing.  She then did the traditional Aussie sabbatical and backpacked across Europe for several years where she fell into hospitality.  Returning to Australia she worked her way up the ladder in Hotels to become a Food & Beverage Manager.  She was at the time, utilising the services of a hospitality recruitment agency when they asked her to jump on board.  In her roles thus far, Lisa had hired and coached staff, but this is when she fell in love with recruitment and the world of talent. Since then she’s worked for boutique and multinational recruitment agencies, most recently as a National General Manager.


Her positions have allowed her to recruit roles across the whole Australian market whilst living in Brisbane, Perth and now Melbourne. Lisa has developed networks and built lasting business relationships across a variety of industries which has allowed her to have a strong knowledge of market trends and the ability to identify key candidates that will immediately add value to her clients’ business. She has also spent significant time coaching candidates as she understands the changing landscape that candidates face in terms of job satisfaction, career development, finding your purpose and personal branding.  Lisa is supported by a team of recruitment and human resource professionals that she has worked with during her career - we call them Team MADI.

Lisa wants MADI talent studio to be an authentic & inspiring experience in the world of talent.  She loves working with small – medium sized businesses where she feels she can have the most impact in developing culture and helping bring talented candidates to the party.  On the flipside, she gets engaged and inspired by helping talented individuals define, prepare then ignite their career through career and leadership coaching.

Lisa loves hanging with her dog Maggie, is a massive foodie & coffee snob and most days you’ll find her doing her morning walks around Melbourne or at her favourite yoga studio.