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What's your communication style?

Have you ever been introduced to a friend of a friend, and you just didn't gel. Or that colleague that tends to rub you up the wrong way... don't worry, you're not a horrible person! You most likely just have different communication styles. Although it isn't a tell-all personality trait, communication is a fundamental key to any successful relationship, new or old.

So I pose the question, what is your communication style? Now you might be thinking, "um, I don't know Claudia, that's why I clicked on this blog titled what's your communication style?"... and I totally get it. Before I received my own DiSC assessment, I couldn't define it for myself either. But today, you can change that by asking yourself two of DiSC's powerful questions.

  1. Am I more direct or indirect in my communication?

  2. Am I more guarded or open in my communication?

By using the model below, you can determine your communication style. For example, if your answer to question one is direct, you can go ahead and circle "direct" on the diagram. And, if you answered guarded to question two, you can go ahead and circle guarded. In this instance, you will see that intersection of the quadrants has given us D for Dominance. Great! But what do these letters mean?

According to the DiSC framework, there are four primary leadership communication styles, and each style has its own area of focus, behavioural tendencies, and pace & priorities.

  • Dominance: focuses on problems and challenges, tends to be direct and guarded, is faster-paced, and task-focused.

  • Influence: focuses on people and contacts, tends to be direct and open, is faster-paced and people-focused.

  • Steadiness: focuses on pace and consistency, tends to be indirect and open, is slower-paced and people-focused.

  • Conscientious: focuses on procedures and constraints, tends to be indirect and guarded, slower-paced, and task-focused.

It is important to note that most people have a mix of styles, so I am an IS. This means although I am heavily people-focused and remain open in my communication, I can sway between being direct and indirect depending on the situation.

No communication style is better than another, and when we understand our own style and those around us, it can make for much healthier and productive exchanges. Like all diversity, whether gender, ethnicity, or age, communication style diversity can be a wonderful tool that encourages innovation and creative solutions when managed effectively.

This quick exercise is a great jumping point for exploring your own or your team's communication styles. Still, if you want to take a serious deep dive, Lisa here at Madi is a Certified DiSC Facilitator who can help you better understand how you communicate and why. And for any team leaders out there, this is an excellent exercise to do with your team, to create a more cohesive and collaborative environment.

You can find all of our DiSC offers here:

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If you see something that sparks your interest and want to chat about your options, you can schedule a free 20 min clarity call with Lisa. There is absolutely no obligation to work with us. It's just a chance to provide some guidance.

Stay connected!

Claud x

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