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What are my strengths?

Knowing your strengths can propel your career into a new industry, role or promotion. I’m working with a number of clients at the moment who due to Covid, are having to identify their key strengths as part of a forced career transition which is out of their control.

When I ask my clients, “what are your strengths?”, I’m astounded by how many are either unaware of their skills and abilities or don’t feel comfortable discussing their superpowers!

If you’re unsure about what makes you special and need a little nudge, start by asking yourself these questions……

  • What do you enjoy or are good at doing?

  • What do you get complimented on?

  • When do you feel most energised? What tasks are you doing?

  • What challenges have you overcome and what strengths did you identify to help you do this?

Understanding your unique skills is vital, particularly at the moment in this fluid economy with employment instability. If you’re still not comfortable talking about yourself and need an outsider to shine a light on how fabulous you are, get in touch – I’d love to support you during this process!

Be fabulous

Lisa xx

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