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What am I worth?

Do you know your worth in the workplace? Or more importantly, do you feel confident asking for your worth come salary negotiation time?

Why is it that so many of my coaching clients struggle with appreciating what they are worth as employees?


No one likes putting a dollar figure on themselves because…

  • Oh no – what if I don’t deliver what I said I could?

  • What if I place myself out of what they want to pay me?

  • Geez, they might think I’m being arrogant or greedy?

When it comes time to put a value on what you bring to the party then my suggestion is – remove the emotion.

Stop thinking about you, and imagine you were hiring someone to do the exact same job. Do your research – what is the market paying? Look up salary surveys, checkout similar jobs on online job boards, asking industry colleagues. You might be surprised what you find. Sometimes you will be paid more than the average but instead of thinking you’re just lucky, again, recognise it’s probably because you’re bringing something extra to the equation. And if you’re being paid less – why? Is it because you’re genuinely being underpaid or are there non-monetary benefits making up the difference or do you have less responsibilities/tasks?

Remove the emotion.

Once you’ve done your research and decided on how much you should be paid then prepare for the conversation. My suggestion is always, lead by saying, “based on other roles I’m interviewing for, this is what the market is paying and is line with my expectations” or “based on my industry research, this is what the market is paying and I’d like my package reviewed in line with this.”

When you remove the emotion (notice a theme here), it becomes easier.

What are you worth?

If this is an area you’re struggling with and would like to develop some tools so you confidently know your worth, then check our my career coaching services and let’s chat!

Be fabulous.

Lisa xx

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