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Wake up & get real about your job search!

So, you’re looking for a new job!

Whether you’ve made the decision that it’s time to leave, have been made redundant or quit on the spot (brave call!) – the job search routine remains the same. You’ve got to #wake up every, single day and get real about your job search.

Looking for a new job is a daily activity as things can move quickly in recruitment la la land. The days have gone where you decide to find a new role, apply for a job and get it first go (unless you’re ridiculously lucky!). It’s a tough, competitive market out there and you’ve got to do something to stand out from the crowd.

It’s like going to a cocktail party, standing on the sidelines, drinking your expresso martini & not talking to anyone. This is going to see you going home by yourself at the end of the night! Frock up, mingle and get amongst it!

How? Well here's my top tips:

1. Create job alerts – let the world wide web do the hard stuff for you! Whatever job platforms you’re searching on, set up a daily job alert so that dream role doesn’t pass you by. Whatever you do – don’t sit on it either. Apply asap and beat the competition.

2. Network, network, network – this is where you mingle people! Reach out to your industry contacts, friends, family and cousin of your next-door neighbour and feed your coffee addiction. The more catch-ups you have over coffee talking about what you’re looking for – the better chance you have of it manifesting. #createyouropportunity

3. Follow up – for every, single application. Give the recruiter/decision maker a friendly call or email and get them to remember you and explore your application further! The point here is to stand out in a sea of candidates. Ask questions like…can you tell me why the role is available, how would you describe the culture, is there parking? 3 simple questions, and by this stage of the call, if you’ve been engaging & not pushy, they should be clicking on your resume and inviting you in for an interview.

If you are really serious about wanting a new role then follow these 3 steps daily. Don’t be a wallflower – embrace the chase and who knows….you might even find your dream job!

Need help with your job search? Click here to read about our "job coach" which is the most popular MADI coach choice – we’d love to meet you!

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