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The Job #Mindset Challenge

Photo Credit: City of Melbourne/ That Startup Show /Photographer Wren Steiner

I’m challenging you today to change your #mindset around your current job!

Let’s assume you’re pretty happy, however you’ve accepted the status quo and each day is pretty much the same and you know in your gut that you want/need more. Maybe it’s time to start thinking about how you can challenge your employers and your own mindset around your work situation and tailor it to give you greater joy.

Let’s start by thinking about the following:

Where you work.

Do you love going to the same office/place every day or would you love to mix it up by working from home occasionally or from a cafe, working in a different company office location or even being stimulated by new people in a co-working space?

When you work.

Some people love working their standard hours but perhaps you’d like to leave work early to go to yoga, start later to drop off the kids or even do part time hours so you can finish your MBA?

Work on what you love.

Is it time to add to your current responsibilities or tasks so you can elevate your career to the next level or to just add some variety in by taking on a new project?

If you got even a little bit excited about any of these prospects, then these are my 3 tips for taking that change of mindset and translating it into action!

  1. Perform. You must be performing not only above what is currently expected from you but more importantly, consistently. You need a strong track record to bring to the table.

  2. Manage Up. It’s really important to build a strong working relationship with your manager, keeping them updated on your progress, gaining their trust and being solutions focussed. Having this relationship will make number 3 that much easier!

  3. Negotiate. You need to have a plan when you want to negotiate a change of job mindset. This is where you need to outline what the change will look like, how it will increase your productivity or add value to the business as well as yourself. Focus on the win-win.

Wouldn’t it be so much better if you could tweak your current job #mindset to give you career satisfaction and for your employer – longer tenure? Have a think about this before you start the job hunt – it could save you a lot of angst and create amazing opportunities.

Be fabulous xx

** If you’re looking for some help on how to change your mindset and create your dream job - check out our job coach service here

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