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The Imposter Syndrome Club

Do you ever feel like all the success you’ve achieved in life i.e. work promotions, a great relationship, winning a fun run etc, is totally due to luck?

On the flipside, do you feel like your failures such as being fired, experiencing divorced or getting really sick, are all your fault?

Welcome to the Imposter Syndrome Club!

I recently worked with a client who had achieved a very successful career and was clearly a high achiever, however she was fearful of putting herself out there and finding a new role as she’d outgrown her current position. She doubted whether she really was any good at her job and abilities, and felt that in future interviews she’d be “caught out” and the fraud police would drag her away.

Can you relate to this?

The irony of imposter syndrome is that it usually affects high performers/achievers. Do you suffer from perfectionism, ignoring praise given to you, overworking to prove your worth or procrastinating due to fear of failure?

These are common signs that you’re in the club. So, how do you get out of the club?

Re-train your brain!

When you feel that mind snatcher feeling coming along, try the following:

  • Accept that failure is part of success and it’s only a moment in time and an opportunity to learn. Focus instead on what you did well and congratulate yourself on that!

  • Learn that your identity is not tied to your work and develop external interests – winning that local netball game will boost your success vibes.

  • Jump into that opportunity or project that you’ve been putting off as you’re scared of it not working out. Alternatively, view any feedback you receive along the way as constructive criticism to help you achieve the end goal and try not to take it personally.

  • Stop comparing yourself to others! Stick in your own lane and run your own race – you’re exactly where you’re meant to be at this stage of the journey.

Imposter Syndrome is not something you can turn off overnight, but by taking steps to change your mindset from negative to positive and surrounding yourself with an encouraging cheer squad is a great first step.

If you’re looking to take that next career step and want to work with someone who has your back – get in touch, I’d love to help!

Be fabulous.

Lisa xx

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