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Self Belief - Levelling up in 2019

Imagine what you could achieve if you believed in yourself just 10% more!

Let’s just take a moment to reflect on that statement. I think we’re too quick to listen to other people’s judgements and opinions on who we are and how we should live our lives and don’t spend enough time listening to our gut.

It’s time to Level Up for 2019 – but how?

Here’s my top 3 tips on self belief and taking yourself to the next level:

Ignore the negative voices in your head

When Stefanos Tsitsipas recently stepped up at the Australia Open recently to play against Federer, do you think he listened to the voices in his head that said, “Oh Stefanos, who are you kidding? You’re ranked 15 in the world and he’s ranked number 3 and has won over $120M in prize money. You’ll never beat this guy!” No, he had enough self belief and positive self talk to dig deep and win that match. If you watch a replay, you’ll see him talking to himself – not a bad strategy! Stop yourself the next time you hear those negatives chants begin and purposely inject some positivity.

Move beyond mediocrity

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get the same results. Ash Barty took 18 months away from tennis to try another sport and reignite her tennis career after struggling with the tour life and other expectations. Since she’s returned, she’s smashing it! Imagine how differently things would’ve turned out if she’d continued on the path she was on. Instead, she mixed it up and came back strong than ever. What can you do this year to move from the level of mediocrity you’re cruising at and elevate yourself?

You are more than your failures

My favourite quote for last year was, “failure is a part of success”. Our failures don’t define us but how we move on from them does. When Serena Williams lost her last match at the Aus Open she was not only gracious and complementary of her opponent in the post match interview, but she reflected on what she’d done wrong and how she’d do it differently next time. What’s your most recent failure? What did it teach you and how can you grow from it?

I’m the first to put my hand up and say I’m not a massive sports fan but clearly the Australian Open really resonated with me this year. I watched waaaayyy too many matches but learnt something from the players with each fault, win and racquet smashing episode.

Those tennis players are all strong in self belief and levelling themselves up this year – why not join in?

Be Fabulous.

Lisa xx

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