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Refresh your resume in 3 steps

With so many people now working from home, their positions being stood down/ redundant or just feeling uncertain in their current roles, now is the ideal time to give your resume a facelift and get ready for the upturn!

We don’t know when things will turn around but turn around, they will. So, these are my top 3 tips on how to give your resume a refresh and be best placed for a post-corona world.

1. Craft a snapshot of you

As a recruiter, I love the efficiency of looking at the first page of a candidates resume which tells me their purpose/career objective, their education & professional development, skills & abilities and a table outlining their career summary (ie job title, company, years). It shows professionalism and a clear understanding of the key areas of your career that are important.

2. Update your awesomeness

Your resume should be an organic document which you update frequently but let’s get real – this is sometimes at the bottom of the to-do list! Your achievements are one of the best ways to show what value you bring to the role and to your potential new employer. Ideally, everytime you have a significant career achievement you’d add it to your resume but if you haven’t had the time, now list 2-3 achievements for each role and as best as possible try to give examples that include measurable outcomes such as $$ or %.

3. Keep it relevant

Reading an 8-page resume bores me to tears, so the length I’d recommend is 3-5 pages, obviously depending upon your years of experience. I’d suggest that for roles that were over 10-15 years ago, minimising the amount of information regarding tasks etc and focussing on achievements instead. You may be taking up valuable real estate on your resume with outdated and irrelevant content.

Yes, times are bleak and tough at the moment but there are certainly industries and companies that are growing or emerging during this crisis. If sitting down and sharpening up your resume just seems like a painful exercise, let’s have a chat and you can hand your resume over to MADI to tell your career story and showcase the best version of you!

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