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Looking after No. 1!

So, you may have guessed by the title we are talking about looking after the most important person in your life, and I'll give you a hint who that is… you! It can be hard to put ourselves first between our relationship dynamics and the pressures from our professional and personal lives. But the truth is, neglecting to look after oneself does a disservice to the individual and those around them.

Today we're talking about prioritising "me time" and how this can impact your day-to-day life for the better.

"I can never find the time."

This is a common dilemma, and I hear ya! Finding the time to do something that fills your bucket can be difficult when juggling work, family, life admin, and a social life. So instead of relying on the right time to spring up out of nowhere, plan it. Like you would a meeting or a doctor's appointment, slot some time into your diary dedicated to you. Having the time accounted for and where you can physically see it, will increase the likelihood of it happening. Put it in your Gmail calendar, the fridge calendar, and your phone – that way, not only you know, but those around you can plan around this time.

"But I don't want to do Yoga…"

And you don't have to! This time is for you to do exactly what you want. It doesn't have to fit the parameters of the typical self-care package you get sold on IG: facemask, bath, and some mediation to finish (although that sounds pretty nice). Maybe for you, it is going on a hike, perhaps, you like the hustle of Highstreet and want to go and try on some clothes for a couple hours, maybe it's a drink at the bar and watching the game. Whatever it is, it's up to you, and it's about allowing yourself time to fill your bucket and have fun.

"Why is it important?"

Could you imagine if you never let an 8-year-old play sport outside, see their friends, have sleepovers, and go and see the latest Lego movie? Instead, they went to school, came home, did their homework, and once finished their chores, went to bed… in what world? It is easy to become accustomed to an admin-filled life as an adult, but it's not good for us! You, too, need to be in nature, have coffee with friends, and take yourself to a movie that doesn't involve a man-made of blocks.

Making time for yourself is an essential healthy habit. It lowers your stress levels, positively impacts your energy levels, increases you productivity, and overall happiness. And the beauty of it is not only will you benefit from this, but so will those around you.

If you've made it this far, I urge you to please try the following:

  1. Add a place in your calendar for "me time" and share it with the relevant people in your life (aim for once a week for the next month).

  2. Write down what you did and how you felt afterward.

  3. Assess your mood at the end of the month and note the difference.

Well done, you just completed a mini "me time" by taking the time to read a blog about putting yourself first. Now go out there and take yourself on a date – you deserve it!


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