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Join us for #100daysforchange

Last week I was fortunate enough to attend the Australian Women’s Leadership Symposium which was all about connecting, empowering and celebrating women leaders. As part of this event, Women & Leadership Australia have instigated a grass roots initiative called #100daysforchange. This action – orientated movement aims to motivate individuals and organisations to help create gender equity.

Did you know that Australia has dropped to 35th place in the Global Gender Gap Report and the national pay gap is 15.3%, with women earning on average, $253.70 a week less than men. Additionally, there is a 24.9% pay gap between male and female key management personnel. Furthermore, women retire, on average, with half the superannuation of men and only 16.5% of CEO’s or heads of business are women.

I was so moved by the statistics shared and the stories that were told, that I’ve pledged MADI to #100daysforchange by promoting women in non-traditional work roles. The next generation ‘will be what they can see’, so my goal is to feature inspirational women in work positions that promote gender equity.

Over the next 100 days we’ll be championing women who are breaking down stereotypical barriers, leading the workforce and being agents for change. We will feature these women across our socials, so I’d encourage you to follow us and like, like, like!

If you are also inspired and wish to be a part of this initiative, then here’s some great ideas on how you as an individual can participate:

  • Spend some time supporting a female colleague in her career aspirations

  • Stand up to and call out discriminative behaviour in your workplace

  • Reach out with a new opportunity to a female leader in your network

  • Let your employer know you support gender equality and encourage them to make change

If you know of an inspirational woman in your network then we’d love to feature them so please feel free to pass on my details. I can be reached at or 0408 885 304.

Be Fabulous xx

If you’d like to learn more then jump over to Women & Leadership Australia or the Workplace Gender Equity Agency. I’d also like to credit these two sites as where I obtained information for this blog post.

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