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Interview Do’s and Don’ts…and the question to always finish on.

Interviews are always tough. The build-up of the nerves, the anticipation of questions and the hope that this role is your dream job. With all of that swirling around in your head, it’s easy to forget to do some real prep so here’s our top Do’s and Don’ts to help you nail the interview.


  • Research the interviewer and the company

  • Deep dive into the p.d. or ad for the role

  • Be prepared to sell yourself

  • Have questions prepared

  • Dress in something comfortable that will make you also feel fabulous and confident


  • Overshare, keep the conversation on track

  • Be rude to the receptionist

  • Use the word ‘we’ in the interview, this is about you, not your team

  • Be shy in discussing your actions and results

  • Say you love a challenge; they’ll wonder if you’ll leave when the challenge has run its course

When you finish the interview, always ask the question…”do you have any concerns about my ability to do this role?”. This will allow you to rebuttal any concerns the interviewer has, or alternatively they’ll affirm you’re the right fit!

Be Fabulous xx


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