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How to execute the perfect industry exit strategy

Love your job but dream of working in a different industry?

Lost your confidence and scared to make a change?

You’re not alone.

I meet so many talented individuals who think they’ve pigeon holed themselves into a particular industry however put a plan together, be strategic and anything is possible.

Have you thought about…..

Transferable skills

This is the most obvious place to start. Write a list of all the skills you’ve attained in your work history then look at similar roles in different industries and I bet there’s many that crossover. Don’t forget to look at the roles advertised and see what skills they’re asking for to use as a comparison. If you find any gaping differences, this may be the perfect time to upskill or cross train and prepare yourself for the leap.

Industry experience

This is what stops most people in their tracks. I once recruited a senior role where the client was adamant they needed industry experience, however when I narrowed it down, what the client wanted was someone who had relationships with similar stakeholders, had worked in a KPI environment and had come from a sales background. The successful candidate came from a completely different industry and as a result, brought a fresh perspective and smashed the expected results. Have a good look at the industry you want to work in and find ways of leveraging your current industry knowledge/experience to transfer.


Having a passion or interest in the industry you want to move to is a massive bonus. In my early career I transitioned from being a musician to working in hotel management. It wasn’t a quick path, but I used my transferable skills to get an entry level opportunity then spent every waking minute soaking up as much knowledge as I could about food and wine to rise up the ranks in that particular department. I truly loved the industry and my thirst for knowledge and enthusiasm was part of my success.

Finally, how you frame your professional profile across social media, LinkedIn and your resume will play a big part in helping you transition. At the end of the day, if you’re driven and really want to move to a different industry – you’ll find a way!

Be Fabulous xx


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