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How to create a positive interview experience for your new employee.

The time has come for you to grow your team and the dreaded task of interviewing potential candidates is part of your role. Sometimes you’re fortunate enough to work for a large organisation that provides training and a structured strategy to help you navigate your way through the process. For majority of hiring managers however, you’re on your own. So, here’s our top tips on how to not only interview well but to get the best outcome for all parties involved.

Start by giving the candidate the best impression of you and your business.

This begins with the job advertisement clearly outlining the role, your company and expectations. When you’re screening the candidates and having that first phone conversation, also make sure you’re being friendly, professional and warm and providing the right information around the time, location and what to expect in that first interview. If you get it right from the start, you’ll have a higher chance the person will show up and not be put off by their first impression.

Create a comfortable, welcoming environment.

Once they’ve arrived, make sure they are greeted warmly and are put at ease. You won’t get the best out of them if they’re nervous or thrown by a rude receptionist, a dodgy chair or a disorganised meeting space. Start with some small talk to help them relax before you hit them with your questions.

Have your questions prepared.

Really take the time to work out what you’re looking for in terms of hard skills, soft skills, behaviourally, culture wise and what you can offer in terms of package. Prepare several questions for each category and perhaps have a rating system for each one to remove bias and emotional decision making. Also make sure that your questions are not closed, which will result in yes or no answers. Prepare open ended questions such as asking for previous examples, situational questions or displaying technical know-how.

Sell the job and your company.

If a candidate is interviewing with you, they’re probably out there interviewing with other companies for similar roles. This is your opportunity to discuss the benefits of working for your company, what’s so great about the role and what their future career path might look like. It’s always a nice touch to tell your own story about why you joined the organisation and how it has evolved for you over time.

Follow up.

If they’re the right fit, don’t delay – organise a second interview or job offer (after reference checking) as soon as possible. Think of all the time you’ve invested so far and how you’d hate for that person to be snatched up for another company who moved quicker. If they’re not the right fit – give them a great experience by actually letting them know and providing some feedback. This will go a long way in terms of good will and you never know, they may be right for you in the future, so you want them to leave on good terms.

I’ve met many candidates over the years who have had a bad interview experience and are more than happy to share that with anyone who asks which in turn gives your business a dodgy brand in the market. The great interview experiences will result in your organisation being championed and can be an effective word of mouth marketing tool for you also!

Be Fabulous xx


If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the recruitment process then MADI recruit would love to partner with you as we offer part services including advertising, screening and reference checking to suit your budget. Get in touch!

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