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How I Got Here - Katie Nohr

Katie and I met last year at a luncheon and as I got to know her better over a few drinks and delicious share platters, I was drawn in by her warmth but additionally, her intelligence, quick wit and her clear passion for business transformation with a people focus.

As I’ve spent more time with Katie, I’ve been in awe of how she’s grown her career based in HR, and upskilled her leadership capabilities not only with an MBA, but strategically choosing roles that stretch her abilities and have led her away from traditional HR roles to ones where her skill set plays out beautifully. She has an innovative mindset and can move easily between big picture strategy and operational execution.

I hope you enjoy her insights as to how she’s crafted her career and the decisions she’s made along the way, particularly in this digital world. Enjoy!

What is your job/career focus and how does it fulfil you?

My current role sees me leading a major Digital Transformation Project for a National Transport company. It will impact all our operations locations and processes over several years. My career focus has been to support individuals and teams transition from a current to a future state. I enjoy playing a role in moving toward a change, especially when this is in an adaptive context. I really enjoy complex challenges that call on the diversity of my background (HR, Project Management, Change and Business Improvement) and is built the map to the future world of work, especially a digital workplace. This has given me a purposeful focus and allows for mutual learning and growth.

What career decisions and experience led you to where you are today?

It's important to decide which field you want to play on, and own that decision. You will be most successful if you know who you are and where you operate best. Allow yourself to be comfortable with a non-linear career path, as zigzagging can bring broader challenges and opportunities. I also recommend you follow what makes you curious and challenges you, personally and professionally. Don’t be afraid of non-traditional and diverse industries as these have often given me the greatest chance for my work to have impact and be showcased.

What’s the one piece of advice you’d give someone wanting to end up where you have?

Pay attention and make the time to connect with your network. Doing good work is important, but only doing this is not enough. Ultimately you need to take care of your connections and your network as they are important to your self-reflection, learning and growth. AND – if that is hard for you, remember, there is no growth without discomfort!

Thanks Katie!

Be Fabulous

Lisa xx

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