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How I Got Here - Ann Davey

We all have those aspirational people in our life who are the ones whose careers we admire, and we wonder what experiences and decisions led them to where they are today. Each month I’ll be featuring someone from my network who is a leader or specialist in their own space and ask them to share their career journey and tips to inspire others.

This month I’m sitting down with Ann Davey, CEO of Massage & Myotherapy Australia. Ann and I met nearly 7 years ago, and I’ve watched in wonder as she’s taken on professional development challenges and actively nurtured her career to reach her current position. With the Covid-19 pressures on her Association, Ann still made the time to explain to me, ‘How I Got Here’. Enjoy!

What is your current role and how does it fulfil you?

I have recently been appointed as CEO of Massage & Myotherapy Australia – a leading peak body of the Australian massage profession, prior to that I was the Association Manager for over 11 years. In my current role, I ensure the Association provides relevant services and meets the needs of our members and the board. I also set the vision for the team and lead by example with a focus on our strategic plan. I am fulfilled by thinking big picture and watching that unfold. Currently we are supporting our members whilst they are in crisis mode so we’re focussing on ways we can help them to reopen their door again when all of this is over. Personally, I get a great sense of achievement in my work as every day throws up a new challenge!

What career decisions and experience led you to where you are today?

I commenced my career in Education which led to me doing my Commerce Degree in HR. Eventually I took a more commercial route and worked with a business partner for several years in our own business. This then led me to work for Massage & Myotherapy Australia where I’ve been for many years now but about two years ago, I started investing in myself and my career by reading books, going to events, studying, listening to podcasts and seeking advice and mentoring from those I admire and respect. I made the decision to work on my professional and personal development to elevate myself rather than leave as I really am passionate about the organisation itself.

What’s the one piece of advice you’d give someone wanting to end up where you have?

Believe in yourself! Make a decision and stick to it. It took some soul searching for me to make the decision to stay where I was and invest in myself. I knew I wasn’t ready to make that decision, so I self-reflected, knew I was stuck and questioned myself and what changes I needed to make and what future I wanted. I was then ready to make an informed decision when the time came. I also had some great advice from a Professor at the University who said you should always have a 5-year plan.

Be fabulous

Lisa xx

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