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Fresh Starts

Updated: Jan 30, 2018

Welcome to the first blog for madi talent studio - hello!

Let's kick this off by saying that I'm an absolute sucker for fresh starts. To give you some idea, my favourite day of the year is New Years Eve. Not because I'm out partying, but because I love writing my goals for the year ahead and reviewing what I achieved that year. #nerdalert

So, as I sat on this beach on NYE, I reflected about the year ahead as the founder of madi. I thought about setting up some fresh expectations for myself on what work/life balance means to me and really challenging my pre-existing habits. You see, I've been the kind of person who crammed every minute of my day with tasks, appointments, meetings and whatever else I could fit in but things needed to change! I'd done a lot of reading over the past few months about how to be much more productive by carving out time for yourself - what a crazy idea!!

So my fresh start to 2018 has seen me create a new kind of work/life balance that I am just calling - #LIFE! I thought I'd share with you the breakdown of my day:

I start by prioritising exercise, followed by meditation then a healthy breakfast every, single morning - no excuses. I then head to work and yes, I am still a list maker and appointment setter but am not trying to cram as much into each day and guess what - I'm getting better results as I'm not stressing myself out with unrealistic expectations. At the end of the day I'm making sure I do something that is on my "things I love" list - yes, another list! It could be yoga, hanging out with friends, cooking, gardening, going to the movies solo - the list goes on. And finally, before I fall asleep I've cultivated the habit of writing down three things I'm grateful for and I can tell you - it helps you have the sweetest dreams to end the day reflecting on how lucky you are.

So, I'm challenging you to create your own fresh start. It could be how you spend your downtime, where you work, how you manage your team - whatever you feel wasn't working for you last year. Good luck and I'd love to hear about your #freshstart in the comments below!

Be fabulous

Lisa xx

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