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Dream | Believe | Achieve - Really?

“Eye roll” – not ANOTHER post about following your dreams, believing in yourself and guess what - you’ll achieve great things?!?!?!


I’m a BIG believer in having goals, putting a plan in place and then having the certainty of achieving those goals BUT it doesn’t always work out that way! If you’ve read my other posts, you’ll know I’m a list maker and goal setter and to be honest, a lot of them get ticked off, but unfortunately some of them don’t.

So, this post is more about what you do when you realise that your dream of being an astronaut, grower of indoor plants or marathon runner isn’t quite panning out as expected, despite you having a plan in place to make it a reality.

When you realise your dream isn’t going to happen then I pull a move I call the “scramble & pivot”, which is basically shifting your focus to either:

  1. A more achievable dream (let’s keep one fern alive, rather than a whole nursery)

  2. A new dream (did I really want to fly to the moon? Maybe I just wanted to parachute out of a plane?)

  3. Resurrect an old dream (I always wanted to play golf so maybe now is the time to start those pro lessons?)

Of course, it’s important to work out why you haven’t realised your original dream, but a lot of the time it’s because of things outside your control or if you’re really honest with yourself – your heart wasn’t in it. So, by pulling the old “scramble & pivot”, you keep up those positive mental vibes, minimise the feeling of not achieving and have a new dream to focus on.

This is the “whoo hoo” bit. I love having a #dream to chase. And completely believe that sometimes life is about risking everything for a dream no one can see but you. I hope you are chasing your dreams as a life without dreams in my opinion, is just a bit bloody boring!

Be fabulous xx

** on a side note – if you’re in the process of chasing your dream job or are just about to, check out our career boost workshop being held in Melbourne on April 14 – love to see you there!

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