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Don't set New Year's resolutions, set goals instead.

Did you know that only 25% of people see their NY resolutions past the 30-day mark, and only 8% accomplish them?

That’s a sobering statistic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t smash this year out of the park!

Why don’t resolutions work? Because they’re generally pretty vague and not specific. Goals, particularly SMART goals are the better option. And in case you’re new to SMART goals, here’s how they work:

Specific – say what you’re going to do and use action words

Measurable – figure out a way to evaluate your goal

Achievable – is it actually attainable and within your abilities

Realistic – is it relevant? Will it actually improve your life in some way

Time-bound – decide upon an end date – set a deadline

So instead of setting a resolution that says,

“I want to increase my profile across my industry”

Set a SMART goal like,

"I will increase my profile exposure by doing speaking engagements from two times per year to one time per month for the next year."

See how that is so much more effective? So when you’re thinking about what you want to achieve this year, get SMART about it!

If you still feel like you need some help to kick off the year, check out The Elevate Program in Career Coaching, or all of the Leadership Coaching Programs as they include an intense 30 minute goal-setting session to set you up for success. Happy New Year!

Be Fabulous

Lisa xx

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