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Connecting to achieve your goals

Whatever your goal is, taking a strategic approach by leveraging and building your connections is the key to finding new opportunities.

Maybe Covid has made you realise you need to change industries or perhaps you’re looking for new revenue streams in your business or you’re wanting a promotion. Once you’ve identified your goal, then there’s some steps you can take to elevate your profile to achieve your ideal situation.

Identify your connections

Curate a list of people that you know, that you believe can help you. Start by looking internally, who in your business could be a great mentor, has had success that you could tap into or know someone that you want to be introduced to. Then look externally, are there people that you’ve worked with previously, family or friends or industry connections that could help you get clarity or be part of your strategy.

Reach out

Once you’ve identified who you want to connect with them reach out to them via email, text, calling them or even on social media. Let them know what your objective is (subtly), what information you can share with them (what’s the benefit for them to meet you?) and suggest a day or time to meet. Being transparent in your approach and making it easy to meet will give you a much higher strike rate. Once you’re in front of them, this is your time to shine!

Maximise your profile

Another way to be seen is to focus on standing out. How active are you on LinkedIn? Could you be liking/commenting more, posting content or interacting with groups? Try also to take opportunities at work or within your community to lead. Take charge of the next meeting, volunteer to run a fundraising event or push yourself to have water cooler conversations with leaders or influential people in the business. You could also take it a step further and elevate your external profile through speaking events, being interviewed or publishing articles.

One thing is for sure. You’re not going to achieve your goals if you don’t push yourself out of your comfort zone and actively pursue opportunities. Will it be tough? Absolutely! But the more you do it, the more skilled you’ll become at having those conversations and when you look back you’ll be glad you took the first step.

If this sounds too daunting for you, reach out! Through my career and leadership coaching services I support people just like you to help them overcome their insecurities and push through barriers to achieve their goals. Let’s chat.

Be fabulous.

Lisa xx

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