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Amplification - unlocking the power of championing yourself and others.

I was fortunate enough last week to attend my second Australian Women’s Leadership Symposium and the overwhelming theme was ‘Amplification” of yourself and others.

What does this mean?

Well put simply, it involves boosting, magnifying or raising yourself or others up!

Unlocking the power of championing yourself and others can help transform workplaces, leadership and communities.

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Think about the last time someone gave you a boost. How did you feel? What impact did it have on your life?

I experienced it first hand at the Symposium as a woman I’d done some career coaching with, introduced me to her network and then proceeded to share with them how I’d had an impact on her personally. She didn’t stop there! She reiterated the message several times, made sure I was introduced to some key stakeholders and invited me out to dinner with her group to continue building the relationships. I was so grateful and appreciative and because of her amplification, it’s already resulted in some new clients for me to work with.

So, I wanted to highlight how amplifying those around you and when appropriate, yourself can really make a difference.

I asked myself, what people do I know who deserve amplification and how can I do this?

I then set about choosing 3 women who have amazing achievements or have impacted my life and will be actively amplifying them over the coming weeks.


  • Spreading the word on social media

  • Referrals, recommendations and introductions

  • Congratulating them on their achievements

  • Reinforcing their input in group settings

I sincerely hope you can picture someone or several people who have helped you along the way and can join the amplification movement and give them recognition to give back and support them.

If you’d like to learn more about Women & Leadership Australia there a link here. I’ve also included a link to my experience from last year and the pledge I took towards promoting diversity. Now go and AMPLIFY!

Be Fabulous.

Lisa xx

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