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Lisa speaks from the heart with passion and excitement about relevant themes across Career, Leadership and Recruitment.  


She delivers her topics based on her personal experience whilst weaving her message with practical and realistic actions.  


Lisa wants her audience to leave the room feeling inspired and motivated to bring about positive change in their lives and work.


Unlocking the power of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network and yet so many of us don’t understand how to use it or how you can benefit from it.  

Whether you’re a graduate, or a seasoned professional, LinkedIn is for anyone who is interested in taking their professional life more seriously, by looking for new opportunities to grow your career or business and to connect with other professionals.  Delivered with actionable outcomes, Lisa will discuss how to raise your professional brand on LinkedIn, connect with purpose, using LinkedIn for professional development and becoming front of mind.


Future proofing your career

We all reach a certain point where we’ve achieved what we set out to do and then we ask ourselves, what’s next?  This presentation will discuss what to do when you hit that self-appointed ceiling and how-to future proof your career to keep moving forward.  Lisa will share concepts such as envisioning your future goals and removing negative blocks, elevating your professional skill set and establishing & growing your personal brand for industry, client and peer recognition. 


Strategic leadership

How many times in your leadership career have you been tasked with thinking strategically?  Is your leadership style more reactive, and dealing with the ‘big picture’ stuff gets relegated to the bottom of the To Do List?  Lisa talks about the concept of strategic leadership and discusses several techniques to help you elevate yourself out of the everyday and instead focus on planning for the future and taking your organisation on the same journey.


Embracing vulnerability

Lisa share with her audience her biggest leadership learning when she given direct feedback that her lack of vulnerability was holding back her leadership capabilities.  That heart stopping moment let Lisa on a journey of self-discovery as she learnt exactly what embracing vulnerability means and the impact it can have on an organisation.



Attract, Engage and Retain

How do you stand out as an employer of choice and attract, engage and retain the RIGHT people to work in your business?  Lisa discusses strategies around what you can do to promote your company brand and attract candidates, engage them through the recruitment process and managing their expectations and once you’ve made your selection, retaining the chosen candidate for the long term.



The power of your business brand

With the impact of digitisation on the recruitment process, businesses today need to be aware of how their brand is perceived by their ideal future employees.  What can you do to create a powerful brand in the marketplace, strategies for sharing your brand and engaging with your future workforce.


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