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MADI leadership coach is designed to be your partner to help you gain clarity & focus on specific leadership challenges, transform & generate change within your leadership capabilities or to achieve growth & breakthrough to a new leadership level.  


My individual coaching sessions are delivered online or F2F by request, giving you flexibility to fit around your busy schedule. 

I can’t wait to meet you!

Let's begin with a 20 minute clarity call to see how I can best help you. There is absolutely no obligation or pressure to work with me, it's just a chat to see if I can provide guidance and if we click!


We understand that every leader has individual needs, so we offer a variety of coaching packages and tools allowing you to create your own bespoke package. We are client driven so you can address your specific situation however topics may include:

  • an immediate leadership issue you need to gain clarity on

  • navigating changes that need to be made within your business or leadership capabilities

  • when you have plateaued and are looking for support to breakthrough your barriers and advance your leadership skills to a superior level

Team Meeting


* each session equates to 1 hour

3 Session Pack

$1,400 + gst

6 Session Pack

$2,400 + gst

12 Session Pack

$4,200 + gst


WorkplaceDiSC Profile

$290 + gst

ManagementDiSC Profile

$335 + gst

363DiSC Profile

$520 + gst

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